Tips for Setting Up & Placement of your Business Surveillance System

Dec 1, 2019

Security cameras in Perth are used for Visual detection, protection of assists and integration with access control, often in equal measure. Technological advances in business security systems have made standards like remote monitoring for CCTV cameras, integrated access control systems, instant alerts with AI (Artificial intelligence) and cloud functionality becoming increasingly popular in new Castle Perth security systems.

Whether you’re overhauling on-premises security, looking to install a system from scratch or simply want to upgrade to better security camera coverage, it pays to have a plan and work with a team has the experience and passion to help find the right solution for your business.

Before you invest in cameras, here is a helpful guide below on setting up business surveillance system’s the right way designed for Perth.

Step 1: Plan ahead

Not all security cameras serve the same purpose. Looking at the range of cameras on paper can be a little overwhelming, so start by narrowing your search down to a few fit-for-purpose styles and brands. Use these questions as a guide:


  • Identify vulnerabilities such as loading docks and office entries
  • Considering Occupational Health and Hazard areas to cover.
  • Cover key access points
  • Consider fences and surroundings
  • Think like a burglar in terms of opportunistic entry

What type?

  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • Infrared enabled for night-time recording?
  • Cloud recording or Local storge? (NVR)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) or other smarts
  • Do you want integrated access control?

How many?

  • Get a general idea; 4? 10? 30?
  • Separate indoor and outdoor requirements

What size security system?

  • Single or multi-premises?
  • Will 24/7 monitoring provide peace of mind?
  • Could self-monitoring save money on guard response costs?
  • Will the system be intruder, access control or both?

Step 2: Determine the best placement

Work with a Perth business security professional to understand the coverage afforded by each camera type, to determine exactly where you can install them. In your planning, factor in:

  • View angle (e.g. 180° lens)
  • Walls, hedges, fences etc that will obstruct views
  • Backlighting obscures subjects
  • Lighting at all times of the day
  • Blind spots requiring multiple cameras
  • Vulnerabilities identified in step 1

There is no one-size-fits-all rule for the best security camera placement, but there are certainly inappropriate places to install them:

  • Changing rooms
  • Bathrooms and shower areas
  • Medical exam rooms
  • Private residences

It’s worth noting that as long as your plan doesn’t contradict the law – specifically Section 6 of the Privacy Act (1988) – you are legally not required to seek installation permission or provide notice of CCTV cameras in operation.

Sticking to the legal boundaries can be tricky. That’s what we’re here for Castle Security has more than 30 years’ experience installing and monitoring business security systems across Perth & Australia. We know everything there is to know about camera placement and can ensure you are within safe bounds while achieving full coverage.

Step 3: Installation and Setup

You should never attempt to install security cameras yourself. Not only are you risking damage to the cameras, but there is also a high electrical injury risk (as well as the risk of injury, incorrect/messy installation, shorting/ruining equipment).

Enlist a Perth security camera expert to design and install your CCTV system and you’ll enjoy full confidence in a job that will compliment your home with the latest in security technology..

Castle Security have a team of experienced technicians who are fully licenced to install Perth security camera systems and can walk you through a simple setup process. You get the latest tech, designed and installed by the best team in the business, plus the warranties and after-sales service from our steller team.

Why Choose Castle Security?

Designing and installing business security systems is our specialty. As Perth’s trusted security experts we are confident we will find a solution to suit your budget and specific requirements.

To get the benefits of high-quality security in Perth, backed by the best local team with 3 decades of experience, contact Castle Security today.

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