Top 6 Home & Business Security Trends for 2019

Jun 18, 2019

Just like appliances and other technology in your home or business, alarm systems and access control systems can become slightly outdated over time.

Investing in a quality security system for your home or business is a guaranteed way to protect your assets and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

At Castle Security, your security is our priority, which is why we supply and install a range of home security cameras, access control systems and alarm systems in Perth.


Our Top 3 Home Solutions

Your home is your castle, so why not protect it with the best in home security?

The current trend for home security revolves around the smart home, where technology meets security in a perfect combo to protect your home 24/7.

24/7 Surveillance On The Go

These days, our phones are for much more than just phone calls, texts and social media updates. Thanks to technological advances across a range of industries, we can now manage most of our lives through our phones!

One way you can keep a check on your home no matter where you are is through a mobile app, which is connected to your home security cameras and alarm systems.

At Castle Security, we use Hikvision Network Video Recorder (NVR) systems, which can be used for both residential and commercial premises. The smaller unit, the Hikvision 4ch PoE NVR, has 4 channels that can record Up to 8MP resolution recording Supports H.264, H.264+, H.265 and H.265+ compression technology.

These NVR systems can all be accessed through their mobile app Hikconnect, which is included at no cost to you. The app is easy to set up and use, with live view, playback, zoom features available directly from the app!

In order to set up this system, you will require a connection from the NVR to your internet router – this can generally be achieved when your NVR is installed by Castle Security.

Pet-Friendly Systems

Many people think that their four-legged (or two-legged) companions may restrict them from having a home security system armed while they’re out of the house.

Thanks to advances in motion sensors, you can install pet-friendly sensors, which are designed to tell animal movements apart from human movements.

These sensors should be placed at least 1.8 metres away from your pets to minimise any interference from them as they move around your home.

If you’re interested in a pet-friendly system, make sure you seek advice from your favourite security company in Perth: Castle Security.

Smart Home Integration

As technology becomes more accessible, we’re all looking for the best ways to integrate the control of many devices and features into one easy-to-use system.  

A smart home system allows features such as home security systems, lighting and appliances to be controlled remotely via a device, such as a mobile phone or tablet. This allows you to turn on lights before you get home, close the garage door or remotely access your home security cameras and intercom when you’re out of the house.

Our Top 3 Business Solutions

Access control and security are crucial inclusions for any business, protecting your physical and intellectual property and limiting building access to thieves, clients and employees.

Business Surveillance from Your Mobile

Much like home security, businesses can benefit from 24/7 surveillance on the go via the Hikvision NVR system.

Both the Hikvision 8ch PoE NVR and the Hikvision 32ch NVR are suited to commercial premises. The smaller of the two comes with 8 channels and up too 12MP high definition surveillance, while the larger unit comes with 32 channels and can store up to 24TB of footage to provide you with reliable surveillance and backup.

If local storage is not enough we have CCTV cloud backup options available.

Customised Access Control

An access control system is a worthwhile investment for any business, allowing you to remotely grant or deny access to clients or employees.

Access control systems also allow you to customise who can access different areas in the building while logging each point accessed by a particular employee.

Abnormal Behaviour Recognition

New to the security space is abnormal behaviour recognition, which is a method of recording and analysing activity patterns and behaviours of humans to determine abnormal behaviours.

As this surveillance technology is quite new, it still faces challenges, such as understanding crowded scenes, adapting analysis based on the context of the scene and difficult lighting conditions.

We anticipate this technology will become widely used by businesses to anticipate security breaches before they occur. Stay ahead of the curve with Castle Security!

Get Your Tailored Solution from a Trusted Security Company in Perth

Before you install the latest technology or surveillance systems, you should take the time to contact a trusted security company in Perth, like Castle Security.

As a local security company, Castle Security can discuss all your security needs and options to ensure your home or business is adequately protected and secured from unwanted intruders.

With more than 30 years’ experience in delivering home security cameras, access control systems and alarm systems in Perth, Castle Security have built a reputation for providing tech-savvy, efficient and cost-effective security solutions to homes and businesses across Perth.

Contact Castle Security today to discover how an updated security system or access control system can better protect your home or business.

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