What You Need To Know About Home Automation

Jul 5, 2018

Defining Home Automation

Home automation is an installation you can have in your home to give you access to control devices in your home from a mobile device.

Home automation could refer to how you control many different things. From your sprinklers to your lights and electrical appliances, there are many ways people may choose to automate their homes. As well as providing complete control to the property owner, no matter where they are, home automation is also a key security measure for many homes and businesses.

Scope & Scale

Within a home, automation is generally on a smaller scale – keeping to appliances, lighting and home alarm systems. Business automation can occur on much larger scales, with automation of building access, lift access within a building and even simultaneous automation of multiple buildings.

Castle Security is an industry leader in all automation processes, whether it be for home or work.

Rationale in Using Technology at Home

A key reason many people may choose to install home automation is to personalise their home. Smart technologies mean your home can be exactly the way you like it – your favourite lighting, temperature and appliances working in sync. Many people have a lot of smart technologies in their home, but aren’t taking full advantage of all the features available to them.

Having home automation can also help you bring you improve the environmental impact of your home and even reduce your electricity bills. By having remote control of all your lights and appliances you’ll be able to make sure that nothing is ever accidentally left on when no one’s home, or even from within the home you can monitor to ensure that no more lights and appliances are being used than what is necessary.

Another motivation for many of our clients to have home automation measures installed is the added safety and security it brings to a home. For a start, you’ll have access to your cameras/intercom from your smart device. This means you’ll always be alerted to any unwanted guests and be able to take action as soon as possible. When alarms are set off and your device automatically tells you, you’ll be able to immediately alert the police and minimise any damage or theft from your property.

Even on a more day-to-day basis, controlling your appliances remotely can be very helpful. Some families use this feature to make sure that the kids don’t spend all afternoon watching TV before their parents get home, or help kids to remember to turn off the lights in rooms they’re not using.

Being able to respond to your intercom remotely can also mean no more “returned to sender” notices on packages or important letters delivered when you’re not home. By answering these calls remotely you’ll be able to help the delivery company either leave it somewhere safe at your house, or take it to the local post office for collection.

Company in Authority When It Comes to Automation

Home automation brings a whole new world of safety, security and convenience to your home. Contact Castle Security today for any questions and installation needs.

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