World First Innovation in AI Integration of Fermax Duox & Mel

Jan 20, 2020

Most Intercom systems in apartment buildings work the same way: a visitor arrives, punches in the apartment number, and waits for the occupant to answer. And then there’s Pace of Carnegie apartments in Melbourne.

Pace of Carnegie was equipped with a game-changing access control system that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to control access, communicate with residents, and interface with security protocols.

Security hardware gurus Fermax Australia installed their leading DUOX system, powered by AI assistant “Mel”, and in one fell swoop changed security system installation and access control from Perth to Melbourne.

A World First Integration

When tasked with designing the Intercom system for the 132-apartment Pace of Carnegie development (completed early 2020), Fermax saw an opportunity for a world-first in security system installation.

Using their 2-wire non-polarity DUOX system, the Fermax team fitted every apartment with a smart intercom system as normal. What the intercom system contains, though, is truly revolutionary.

Mel is an AI concierge enabled to perform a wide variety of tasks to make residents’ lives easier. By housing the concierge virtually within the Intercom system, Fermax were able to improve security, streamline access and avoid the costs of a human concierge all in one.

What can “Mel” the AI concierge do?

Mel is fully integrated into the building. She is able to call every apartment, control certain access features and contact residents directly.

  • Use video intercom to contact apartments
  • Unlock secure parcel room for couriers
  • Unlock cold storage room for grocery deliveries
  • Send personalised text message to residents
  • Leave messages to notify of missed visitors
  • Native voice communication with visitors

Mel combines the friendly face of a building concierge with the technology smarts of AI for a slick, seamless intercom system. Where the Fermax DUOX system was already an industry leader thanks to 2-wire installation flexibility and system fidelity, Mel has taken it up another level.

How many other apartments have a virtual assistant enabled to help visitors and make residents’ lives easier at any time of the day or night?

Watch the video

Castle Security work closely with Fermax to supply and install their products, including integration into Perth intercom systems both existing and new. We hope to bring Mel’s smarts to Perth developers in the near future.

Until we do, you can check out video of Mel in action here: Click here to watch the video.

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