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How do I retrieve footage from the NVR?

To retrieve the footage from your recording device, you need to go into Playback - once in playback you select the time and date the event roughly happened and then scan through the footage to find the event in question, it is quicker and easier to search each camera individually. Once you have found the footage you require you can download it directly to a thumb drive. Each system and depending on the age of the system, differs, however, this is generally how it is done.

Can footage be retrieved from Mobile/Web?

Yes, footage can be retrieved from the mobile and web application, as with the NVR retrieval you go to playback and select the time and date then search the footage, searching for footage from the mobile/web application can take more time as you have to take into consideration the fact the footage is being pulled from the NVR across the internet. 

What Happens if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, and cannot log into the system, with the systems we install, we can reset the password, however, it requires a site visit in most cases and us contacting the manufacturer, this can at times take up to 24 hours.

Will installing a CCTV system reduce my insurance premium?

Some insurance companies offer reduced rates on insurance premiums for both Alarm systems and CCTV systems, but each insurance company is different and you will need to speak with yours individually. 

Alarm System

What Brands do we use?
Why should I install an alarm system in my business?
A business alarm system is one of your most valuable assets. An alarm system can help deter criminals from wanting to break into your business, it can also notify our 24/hour control room as well as you and your staff's phones instantly when the alarm is triggered so action can be taken immediately.
What happens when an alarm is triggered
When an alarm is triggered, Locally it sets off loud sirens, this is to draw attention and hopefully scare off the criminals, the alarm system will also report the incident to a 24/hour control room if monitored, or directly to you and your staff's mobile if self-monitored.
Will installing a security system reduce my insurance premium?
Some insurance companies offer reduced rates on insurance premiums for both Alarm systems and CCTV systems, but each insurance company is different and you will need to speak with yours individually.
How often does an alarm system need to be tested?
Burglar alarms are easy to ignore until you need them to work. Castle Security provides preventative maintenance and servicing for all security alarm systems. We recommend having your alarm system routinely tested and maintained yearly, to make sure it is in 100% working order when it is required.
Will pets trigger my alarm system

There are pet-friendly detectors available that allow pets to walk around the home without triggering the alarm, there are some variables with this however, security companies have invested vast amounts of time and resources to create pet immune motion detectors, eliminating pet-triggered false alarms and the results are impressive. Weight is a key factor in this type of technology and our motion sensors with pet immunity settings range from up to 15 - 20kg. This eliminates most dogs, and all smaller animals like birds, cats, ferrets, and snakes.

The decision of where to place your motion sensors in your home with roaming pets can play a significant role in eliminating pet-related false alarms. It is important to speak with a specialist to decide where the best places for your sensors are, so you get the best protection possible from your home security system. As with all systems, this is not infallible and a large dog jumping on the bed or climbing onto a table while the owners are out of the house may set off an alarm.
Please speak to one of our consultants for more information.


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Can a door be unlocked with an intercom system?

Yes, you can generally have up to, two doors that can be unlocked by an intercom system, the doors require an electronic strike or something similar to be wired into the system.

Can I answer the intercom system from my phone?

Yes, most modern Intercom systems now come with a phone app that easily allows you to answer your door if you are home or away, this is a handy feature when receiving packages as you can advise the courier where to leave the package.

My intercom is old, can I replace it with a new one?

Yes, there are a number of systems designed specifically for this case, we can upgrade old Audio intercoms with new Video intercoms that connect to your phone easily.

Access Control

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Inner Range Inception

How many doors can I have on my access control system?

Access control systems can be as simple as one door to many thousands.

Can I link an Access Control System and Alarm system together?

Yes, most modern Access Control Systems allow for Intruder Integration, this allows both your Access Control System and Alarm System to work together as one.  

Is it possible to control my Access Control System with my phone?

offer this functionality, we even offer a cloud-based Access Control System which is controlled 100% by you and your staff's phone.

What happens if the power goes out?

If the power goes, there is a backup battery in place to keep the system powered for some time, if the power is off for a prolonged time, internal doors are set to Fail safe, which means they will automatically be unlocked, external doors are set to fail secure, which means they will remain locked, so having a key override for at least one external door is required. There are glass break devices installed on all emergency exits which when operated will unlock the door no matter what.