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Keeping loved ones safe and giving you peace of mind with affordable personal duress alarms

Falls are a major health concern for people aged 65+ with almost one-third (30%) of older people experiencing a serious fall at least once a year. Something we never want to think about is our elderly or at-risk loved ones in a health emergency with no way of getting help.

Investing in a panic button or similar personal duress alarm is a simple, practical and inexpensive way to keep yourself or loved ones safe and protected. These multifunctional and potentially life-saving medical security devices offer protection for the individual and peace of mind for their family and carers, without compromising their independence in any way.

From personal alarm pendants/watches to medical security mobile apps, Castle Security provides a full range of equipment for round-the-clock medical security on the go.

Who needs a personal duress alarm?

Portable panic buttons or watches are versatile, unobtrusive devices that serve many purposes. From medical security to individual (personal) safety and independent living, our range of duress alarms fit perfectly around your lifestyle.

  • Personal medical security pendants
  • Portable panic buttons
  • Nurse call buttons for home healthcare
  • Senior independence devices
  • Child safety and location tracking
  • Domestic Violence
  • People recovering from illness or injury

PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) personal duress alarms help to enable a full and independent lifestyle while reducing risk. Many of our medical security devices also feature two-way communication, and some can be conveniently connected to a mobile app for real-time alerts for family and close friends.

  • Small portable devices
  • Easy to use
  • No smartphone required
  • Immediate response in an emergency
  • Weatherproof design
  • Multiple contacts alerted instantly (including 000)
  • Convenient and cost-effective

Want to discuss your individual situation with a medical security expert? Call Castle Security today for a tailored solution.

Medical security maintenance

We understand a concern when selecting a personal duress alarm is that they will fail at a crucial time. That’s why we offer bespoke service and maintenance packages, on top of generous device warranties, to ensure reliability at all times. Medical security devices have the potential to save a life, but they must be maintained and checked regularly by a security professional.


Knowing how to use personal duress alarm and knowing the device is going to work when it is most required is just as important as owning one in the first place, that is why at Castle Security, we will not only provide you with the most up to date life-saving technology but we will also provide you with the knowledge experience and peace of mind to set up, use and test your device so you know you can always count on it.

Choose Castle Security for protection and peace of mind

As a full-service security company operating Australia-wide, Castle Security is a leader in medical security and home security systems. That means we tailor solutions to your unique living situation, with the latest products and unmatched knowledge of medical security solutions.

Contact a security expert today to ensure you (or your loved ones) can live a safe, independent and full life.

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