Employee Health & Safety

Australia’s leading security solutions for lone workers, isolated employees and high-risk site visits.

Staff alarms provide much more than peace of mind. Castle Security supplies industry-leading medical security solutions, from man down alarms to panic alarms and 24 monitored response, designed to de-risk lone working situations.

  • Lone nurses
  • Mobile healthcare providers
  • Social workers
  • Workers with medical conditions
  • Trades and contractors
  • Workers at risk from falls or health emergencies

Staff safety solutions are discreet, portable and user-friendly. Plus, with our comprehensive security expertise, Castle Security can arrange all your staff safety and monitored security solutions in one cost-effective bundle.

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Feel safe at all times!

Walking by yourself can feel threatening even in the light of day, if there is no-one around.  If your staff work late into the night and feel vulnerable when leaving the premises, the Honeywell Multi-Wear Personal Panic Transmitter can give them the sense that they are not alone.  Makes an excellent addition to your existing Honeywell security system.  The discreet transmitter can be worn in a variety of ways – giving you confidence, that at the push of a button, a response has been initiated.

  • Modern, sleek design
  • Wear it as a wristband, pendant or attach to your keyring
  • Water resistant
  • Discreet size
  • LED indication shows sender that the transmission has been sent
  • One or two button keys summon response personnel

Used discreetly, or worn as a deterrent, this device is your staff’s reassurance that you are doing everything you can to keep them safe and protected at all times.  Not only is your transmission sent immediately, you can see that it has been sent….and so can anybody else you wish to show!

The Multi-Wear Personal Panic Transmitter connects to your existing Honeywell Alarm System.

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Are you at risk of a break in or robbery?  Do you or your staff feel vulnerable when working day or night?

The Resideo Hold Up Switch/Transmitter may be just the thing you are looking for to help your staff feel safe and protected.  Mounted under a desk, counter or money drawer, this little device is easily activated and transmits an RF signal to the receiver immediately, sending a burglary alarm to the central station for response.

  • No wires to run
  • Tamper resistant – front and back
  • Easy to mount
  • Quick enrollment
  • Battery included

Once activated, this clever unit can only be reset by the reset key.  The system includes advanced tamper switches, that are activated if the cover is removed, or if the unit is forcibly removed from the installation location.

The Resideo Hold Up Switch/Transmitter connects to your existing Honeywell Alarm System.

Schedule a FREE Consultation to learn more about how installing this device can not only save money, but potentially save a life.

Duress alarms

From panic buttons for independent workers, to man down alarms for employees with medical conditions, or employees working offsite on their own with unpredictable clients, we specialise in tailored duress alarms for individual safety. Duress alarms are a subtle medical security solution to guarantee peace of mind and rapid response in case of a staff emergency. We also supply duress alarms for the elderly, children and carers for round-the-clock protection at the touch of a button.

Meitrack 4G GPS SOS tracker

Using four different technologies (LBS, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) to track workers, children, assets or patients with pinpoint precision in real-time, our 4G mini tracker is a multifunctional safety tool packed full of safety features. As well as a man-down alarm, 2-way voice, duress button, long battery life and weatherproof design, the tracker pairs with a user-friendly app and even counts steps.

24-hour Back to Base Emergency Response

Castle Security is Australia’s leading business security company with affordable 24-hour monitored security solutions to suit any business. Our  local team can respond to a trigged alarm at any time of the day or night    and alert managers or staff in case of an emergency. Think of our 24-hour monitored security service as an added layer of security on top of panic alarms, for effective and efficient crisis response.

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