Commercial Self Monitoring

Whether your business uses an alarm or CCTV cameras (or both) to monitor the premises, security systems are designed to bring you peace of mind when you’re away from your building. And thanks to emerging technology, self-monitoring your security system has never been easier.

While 24-Hour back to base monitoring is an amazing way to help keep your business secure and your insurance premiums low, keeping an eye on your business at the same time comes with its own benefits and cost savings.

What can a self-monitored alarm system offer?


Access a live feed of your business’s security through a mobile phone app, and have the ability to arm, disarm, open, or shut doors as well as many other useful features wherever you’re viewing your system from.

Instant Notifications

Castle Security can set up your system to suit your requirements, you may only want to receive a notification if a staff member disarms the alarm system after hours, or receive all events from the system and keep a close eye on everything that goes on.

Benefits of a self-monitoring system

Convenience and Cost Savings

If you forget to arm your security system (and it can happen),  a chain of events and procedures is set into action within the 24-hour control room. The business owner can be called to drive back to the business to arm the system, or some businesses choose to have a guard attend the property to arm the system, costing upwards of $100 per visit!

Having your business security in the palm of your or your trusted lieutenants’ hands gives you the ability to arm your system from wherever you are!

Quick and Cost-Effective

In most cases, the existing security system already installed will be fine, and just requires the installation of one additional piece of hardware. This will give your business the added advantage of controlling your security system from the palm of your hand.

Ready to discuss your business’ self-monitoring options?

Trust the experts at Castle Security. Castle Security supply and install a wide range of self-monitoring security solutions for Australian businesses. Whatever your business’ needs, we’re here to help tailor the perfect security solution for you.

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