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Castle Security: Our services

Our security solutions span the spectrum from CCTV to monitored alarm systems, access control to biosecurity, intercoms and even medical and staff safety. When you partner with Castle Security, you are entrusting the protection of your business or home and loved ones,  to a company who considers security from every angle:

Whether you need a few CCTV cameras installed or a complete security system overhaul, Castle Security has the knowledge, experience, and products to get the job done and become a business partner that is on your side and ready to help!

The benefits of a security partnership

What’s different about a security partnership compared to a one-off service? For starters, your business benefits from 24/7 support and regular maintenance. But there’s so much more to take advantage of:

  • Custom security solutions tailored to meet your needs
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring
  • Anytime callout
  • Lower costs over time
  • Affordable CCTV camera pricing
  • Regular technology upgrade recommendations
  • Fault repair
  • Dedicated account management
  • Knowledgeable team on call
  • Leading product partnerships

Of course, your security partnership should not be an untenable business cost. Here at Castle Security, we believe in long-term relationships over short-term profit. It’s how we built our business, and you can benefit.

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More than technology

We know some businesses choose to take the DIY route, especially when installing CCTV. However, technology is only the beginning of your security system. Your business might save a buck now, but having a partnership with Castle Security is worth its weight in gold over the long term.

We view security partnerships as an opportunity to protect your business interests with the best security technology available today. But we’re still a family-owned company, and that ethos is an essential part of how we do business.

Put into practice, that means we draw on over 30 years of experience to create tailored, cost-effective security packages. With the best and most up to date range of alarm systems, access control technology, and CCTV cameras across Australia, plus 24/7 monitoring from our local station, and responsive maintenance and fault repair services, Castle Security has you covered from every angle.

Our commitment to outstanding service, using our local workforce, means you are treated like a true partner. It all starts with a complimentary on-site consultation with one of our friendly security experts. 

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