Residential Cloud Monitoring

Whether your house is armed with CCTV cameras, an alarm system, intercom, or all of the above, it can often feel overwhelming to be responsible for your home’s security and manage each system separately.

Traditional Monitoring works when someone enters your home, triggering the alarm system. The alarm system then communicates with a 24 hour control room, who will call you and the contacts on your list and advise that the alarm is going off and which zone it is.

Cloud Monitoring as with Self-Monitoring takes away the need for the middle man. The alarm system, CCTV camera or doorbell will all communicate directly with you and the people you choose, giving you not only the knowledge that your alarm system is going off, but visuals of your home and the ability to re-arm the system right then and there. The ability to connect to traditional monitoring is always still available.

Discover how an integrated security monitoring system could improve your home’s security, and the benefits you could receive from migrating to the cloud.

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Family-owned and operated right here in Australia, our team at Castle Security are able to provide installation, design and migration support to your home.

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