Our History

For those enough old enough to remember the 1980s, you’d know just how great a decade it was.

In the 1980s, big hair was all the rage, Queen, U2, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson graced our radios, and technology boomed, bringing personal computers, walkmans, VCRs, cell phones and the internet to the masses for the first time – those were the days!

Maybe we’re biased, but perhaps the most important moment of the 1980’s was the creation of our humble, yet hard-hitting security company in Perth – Castle Security – in 1989.

Yes, that’s right, Castle Security has over 30 years in the business! Join us as we take a look back at the incredible journey of Castle Security, from a small business run from a lounge room to one of the most reputable security companies in Perth.

The Castle Security Story

Castle Security has always been a proudly family-owned and operated security company in Perth, specialising in business security systems, CCTV systems and a range of other security solutions for you.

The Early Days – 1989

Like all great business stories, Castle Security started from a small operation, based in the front room of Bill and Val Thorp’s family home in April 1989.

In the beginning, the company traded as Castle Security & Electrical, undertaking both security and electrical work for Bill’s loyal client base.

A Growing Business – 1990’s

The nineties saw some serious growth for Castle Security, seeing Bill & Val’s venture become Castle Security & Electrical PTY. LTD in 1993.

In the same year, Castle Security picked up their first State Government contracts, installing security in schools across the state.

As the company grew, so did the need for a bigger workspace! In 1997, Bill converted his beloved back yard workshop into an office and workshop for the business, moving the operations from the front lounge room of the family home to a small office in the shed out the back.

The Millenium Brought Big Changes – 2000-2009

Five years after moving Castle Security from a lounge room to a backyard workshop, Bill decided to dream bigger again, moving Castle Security into its first commercial premises in Malaga in 2002.

With business booming on the security front, 2005 saw Castle Security focus on the security side more than the electrical side and began trading as the Castle Security you know and love today.

Castle Security was growing in popularity, recognised as a trustworthy, professional security company by clients across Western Australia. As such, Castle Security picked up a lot of country work and continues to work all over the state, including places like Broome, Derby, Karratha and Warburton.

In 2008, current Director Louis Thorp started with Castle Security as a Security Consultant, coming from an electrical and IT background.

Building the Castle Security Brand – 2010-2018

In 2012, Castle Security moved again, this time to its second and current commercial property in Landsdale, which has allowed the company to spread its wings, take on more clients and provide the best service possible.

Castle Security solidified its presence in the commercial sector in 2015 when the company became an accredited Gallagher Security partner.

From Then On

As Castle Security celebrated its 30th birthday, Bill has slowly stepped away from the business and handed over the reins to the more-than-capable hands of his sons Louis and Andrew, and the company is continuing to move forward in new and interesting ways.

For those who might miss Bill’s friendly face, never fear! Bill will still be working with Castle Security for the foreseeable future; however, he will be living a deservedly more leisurely life, jet setting across the globe before too long no doubt.

Castle Security is proud to see Louis take over management of the company, moving the business forward and shifting the business focus to the commercial security sector.

Plans for the Future

Castle Security is incredibly excited to focus on the commercial security sector, expanding into Medical, Cloud, Transport, Construction and Rapid Deployment Security.

For a more affordable security solution, Castle Security will also look to offer rental security kits to businesses like work sites or party venues, which may only require a security solution intermittently or cannot afford a fully integrated system just yet.

There might also be a national expansion on the cards, so keep an eye out for that!

Proud to Be One of the Leading Security Companies in Perth

Now, with over 30 years in the business, Castle Security is proud to be one of Perth’s top security companies.

For over three decades, Castle Security has provided a range of security solutions to businesses across Perth and regional Western Australia, with a strong focus on customer service, professionalism and quality, and we look forward to working with our West Aussie clients for many more years to come!

Contact Castle Security today to find out why our clients trust us with their CCTV systems, business security systems and other security needs.

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