24 Hour Alarm Systems & Video Verification Monitoring

Round-the-clock business security monitoring from Australia’s commercial security specialists.

Want to know your business is protected against break-ins, theft and property damage 24/7? With security system monitoring from Castle Security, your business is remotely guarded by highly trained local staff, day and night, without the high costs of on-site security.

We believe in building partnerships based on trust. That’s why our business security monitoring services are flexible, tailored and competitively priced.

Why businesses need 24-hour monitoring

Every business is unique, and every premise Castle Security protects is different from the last.. But the cost of a break-in or theft is devastating for any business.

Castle Security monitoring services are designed to fit your business. We will work with you to design the right physical security system to meet your priorities:

  • Stock control
  • Staff safety
  • Premise security
  • Vehicle access
  • Break-in protection
  • CCTV Video Verification Monitoring
  • Fire alarm monitoring

From there, our WA-based control centre looks after your 24/7 security system monitoring with immediate response and system access as required.

What security system monitoring covers

CCTV Video Verification Monitoring

Business security monitoring includes the potential to tap into your CCTV camera system any time you like or any event that is alarmed. Our industry-leading camera systems include event and motion detection, remote monitoring, cloud storage, thermal detection and integration into access control systems.

Security alarm monitoring service

Before we deploy staff to your premises, our local control room will confirm there is an issue requiring a response (such as a break-in or fire alarm). This can save your business thousands of dollars in call-out fees while ensuring a trained security guard is ready to be on-site only when required 100%.

Staff security

Maintaining a safe work environment is a top priority for any business owner. With Castle Security, you can implement an integrated staff security system to control access, keep track of licenses, (and limit access if out of date) monitor staff and vehicle movements, and warn staff in case of risk with two-way communication.

Lone workers

Our state of the art GPS Personal Alarms protect lone workers, such as Medical house call staff, Real Estate Agents, delivery drivers and many more, with technology to track their movements and alert in case of an issue.

24/7 access control

Round-the-clock operations deserve the same level of security at any time of the day and night.. Our remote monitored alarm systems mean you can arm or disarm alarms via your smartphone, allow access for visitors, monitor CCTV systems and more.

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