4G Alarm Comms – Control your existing Alarm & Home with your phone

$249.00 GST included

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Do you have an existing alarm system and have it back-to-base monitored? Looking to get the most out of your existing alarm without requiring an expensive upgrade?

Our T4000 Alarm Communicator can give you the best of both worlds. Monitor your home or office via your smartphone, have the ability to arm and disarm remotely from anywhere in the world or have it directly connect to a 24 hours control room, for complete peace of mind. Do one or both it is your choice!

Self-monitoring today is easy and if you also have one of our CCTV systems installed, it is an amazing way to keep an eye on your home or business!

Here is an example:

You get an alarm notification to your phone, you can quickly check your CCTV cameras to make sure everything is okay, once you are comfortable everything looks normal, you re-arm the alarm system and everything is secure and your mind is at ease.

Having this control in the palm of your hand allows you to know that your home or business is safe and secure 100% of the time, no matter where you are in the world!

One of the great advantages of the T4000 system is that it can work on almost all existing security panels, providing they are not more than 10 years old.

So if you are wanting to change over from back-to-base monitoring and take control of your alarm system for half the cost, get in touch today!

The cost of the 4G T4000 device supplied & Installed is: $249

The ongoing cost for notifications and the ability to arm and disarm your alarm system is $19.36 per month.


  • Up to 10 users can use the smartphone app
  • Dual Sim Card is an option for added security
  • 24/hour back-to-base monitoring can be activated for certain times, like going on a holiday overseas, you may not want to deal with your alarm, so you can turn on this feature for the duration of your holiday.

*Note – Supply and Installation charges may vary for areas outside of the Perth Metro Area.

Speak to one of our friendly staff members today about how this system can save you money and help make your life easier.