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Castle Security and you: keeping Australia’s most vulnerable people safe at home

For Australia’s older generation and those living with a disability, independence in the home is key to enjoying a full and happy life while still receiving essential care and services. Connected security devices, from elderly personal alarms to smart home automation, are making it easier for the individual, their loved ones, and healthcare providers to support that quality of life.

  • Emergency buttons for the elderly
  • Video intercoms
  • Smart home devices with medical security functions
  • Access control systems
  • Integrated security systems

Almost half (45%) of people aged 65+ live alone, while 96% of people with disability live in households rather than care facilities. As Australia’s leading home security provider, we are dedicated to enabling independent living with affordable, user-friendly safe home living.

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Technology’s role in independent living

One of the greatest fears for people living alone is experiencing an emergency and not being able to get help immediately. Our comprehensive security solutions aim to alleviate this concern with emergency buttons for elderly and disabled people, as well as smart home devices that make daily tasks easier and safer.

From turning off the lights to closing the blinds and garage door, to an artificial intelligence platform that passively learns the regular patterns of their everyday life and raises alerts to emergency monitoring services or nominated family and carers when irregularities are detected.

Intercom systems can assist with keeping unnecessary visitors at a safe distance.

In the fast-changing world of COVID-19, it is important that we keep our distance. Intercom systems can be great for greeting visitors while maintaining social distancing for health reasons. Whatever you are looking for, our affordable medical security products are customised to suit the individual.

What to consider when designing a medical security system

Every medical security system we install is different because every individual’s requirements are slightly different. With more than 30 years’ experience designing custom affordable medical security packages, our team provides the latest products based on unique requirements.

  • Is the person fully or partially mobile?
  • Do they have ongoing health concerns?
  • Do they have a parttime or fulltime carer?
  • Who should be notified when the emergency button is pressed?
  • What areas in the home present the greatest risk?
    • Normally stairs, bathrooms and kitchens fall into this category
  • Are they comfortable using smart home technology?
  • How will they access the panic alarm in an emergency?
  • Do they understand how to use the system?

Medical security maintenance

Maintaining peace of mind means ensuring all medical security and smart home devices are serviced and upgraded as they need. Damaged and outdated devices pose serious health risks as they may fail at a critical moment.


Knowing how to use a medical security device and knowing the device is going to work when it is most required is just as important as owning the device in the first place, that is why at Castle Security, we will not only provide you with the most up to date life-saving technology but we will also provide you with the most up to date knowledge experience and peace of mind to set up, use and test your device so you know you can not always count on your device to work when you or a loved one will most require it.

How Castle Security can help

Our safe home security team is dedicated to providing cost-effective and comprehensive medical security systems using the latest safe home living solutions. Our goal is to enable independent living with elderly personal alarms, emergency buttons, panic alarms, integrated security systems and bespoke device solutions.

Contact us and speak to a safe home security expert about the options available in the Medical Security space, There are so many options and every individual is different and has different requirements, it can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be, we are here to help guide you through this process.

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