Residential Self Monitoring

Want to monitor your home’s security system no matter where you are? Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s never been easier to implement, design, and control a self-monitored smart security system for your home.

With the installation of just one additional piece of hardware, in most cases, you can even utilise your existing Alarm System which brings your old system into the new world, giving you the ability to know as soon as your alarm is activated, and the ability to disarm and re-arm anytime from anywhere!

Self-monitored alarm systems work hand in hand with a CCTV system. A simple example is, the alarm system goes off, you receive a notification on your phone, you check your CCTV to make sure everything looks okay, once you are happy everything is okay, you disarm the alarm system, and rearm, once again knowing your house is safe and your neighbors are not being bothered.

Now you have the option of 24hr Back to Base Monitoring, Self-Monitoring or the option to choose between the two!  You can even have up to 10 family members being able to receive alarm alerts! 

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