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Home Automation Perth With Castle SmartLink+ 

As a leading security solutions provider with a varied and respected clientèle, Castle Security has been at the forefront of the security sector in WA for more than 30 years. Along with a comprehensive range of security solutions for Perth home and business owners that leverage the latest advances in technology, we are also able to provide clients with a wide range of automation products and services.

Whether your automation needs include state-of-the-art security solutions or not, the automation and security experts at Castle Security can provide you with an efficient and cost-effective automation solution that empowers you to make your family home or place of business more ‘tech savvy’, and enjoy the benefits automation provides.

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Automation for Commercial and Residential Properties In Perth WA

With so many automation options available to home and business owners, selecting the right automation system for your home or workplace can prove overwhelming.

Luckily, Castle Security are Perth’s Security automation experts, and in addition to designing, supplying and installing state-of-the-art automation systems for a broad range of commercial, residential and government clients, our automation specialists are also able to provide you with informed and up-to-date advice about automation systems.

We can help you understand what automation options you have to avail yourself of, and which of the automation solutions that we can implement on your behalf would best meet the specific needs of your family or business organization.

The Benefits of Automation for Homes and Businesses

Along with the increased quality of life for people, like the disabled or elderly, who may otherwise require institutional care or full-time caregiving assistance, there are many reasons why home and business owners in Perth may have a technologically advanced automation system installed in their commercial or residential property.

There are many notable benefits associated with the installation of sophisticated automation systems in family homes and places of business, including enhanced safety and security through appliance and lighting control, increased awareness of intruders through security cameras, increased convenience through the automation of appliances and lighting, and significant savings on electricity bills, one of the most beneficial impacts of the implementation of a high-tech automated system.

To leverage the benefits that home and business automation can provide for your Perth home or business, get in touch with the automation experts at Castle Security.