7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in an Access Control System

Jul 23, 2018

Whether your business is a bank, a sports club, a workshop or even a not-for-profit, being able to control who can access your premises is important to keeping property, data and even intellectual property secure 24/7.

Gone are the days where a simple lock and key or monitored alarm system were enough to keep your business safe. So in the technological era, what is the best way to monitor movement and control access throughout your business?

With over 30 years experience in commercial, government and residential security, you can look to the team at Castle Security for all your affordable security needs and access control in Perth.


What is an Access Control System?

Technology has come a long way from the lock and key, leading us down the path of apps and the ability to view our security systems from afar. One of the major security systems to develop is the access control system.

Access control systems provide a heightened type of security, offering a great way to monitor and control the way people move throughout your business, including intruders, nosey guests, employees and other businesses that share your building.

These systems can integrate with your current business security systems, such as alarm monitoring systems, to restrict access to any intruders within the building and get a security team to your premises as soon as possible.


Why Access Control is a Vital Business Security System

Remote Access

While you might not be on-site at your business all day, everyday, you should be able to control who can and can’t access your business at all hours of the day.

If required, an access control system can allow you to grant or deny access to people remotely, and without the awkward exchanging and signing out of keys.

If the person required access to one specific point in the building, the system would allow you to grant access to that point, rather than giving the visitor free reign of your business.


Heightened Security

An access control system works as a heightened security system, allowing businesses to track visitors and employees movements through the building, logging which doors are accessed.

If your business is using a key and lock scenario, you would know the process that comes with lending keys to visitors, as well as the frustration after an employee admits they’ve lost their key.

When a key is lost, there is obviously uncertainty about where it is and who may now have access to the building, but unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of that key!

Unless your business is willing to change the locks with every lost key, an access control system is a better option for your business.

The system allows you to remove the pass, code or even fingerprint from the database, which blocks the specific pass’ access to the building. Access passes to your building also cannot be duplicated easily, making a lost or stolen access pass useless to a would-be intruder.


Records of Access History

Access control systems allow you to monitor when and where people use the gateways within your building, which is a great way to track employee time, unwanted visitors, theft or potential vandalism.

If any issues do arise within your business, you can access the systems records, which can indicate which pass was used to access an area that was vandalised or stolen from.



Does one employee just need 9am to 5pm access to specific parts of the building, while another needs 24 hour access to all spaces on your premises?

Customised security is in your business’ best interest, as you need a system that works for your specific needs and allows you to minimise risk to your business by allowing you to choose who has access and when.

If access passes or swipe cards don’t work for you, you can implement keyless gateways that use fingerprints or buttons instead.

Access control systems also allow you to customise the reports you receive regarding your business’ security; these reports can be delivered directly to your smart phone at a time suitable to you.


Save Costs in the Long Run

Over time, key and lock doors can be subject to some serious wear and tear, costing you money to replace locks, keys and sometimes whole doors!

Having new keys cut or replacing locks if there is a security breach also costs money, especially when employees and contractors are misplacing their keys regularly.

Access control systems alleviate the cost of replacing keys, as a lost swipe card can be blocked and a new one can be issued the same day.



Rather than fumbling around with a bunch of keys, trying to find the correct key for the door in front of you, you can use the one swipe card for multiple doors and gateways.

With the customised nature of the access control system, each pass will only let employees or visitors access where you want them to access, rather than giving everyone the same access within your business.


Reduce Energy Bills

Access control systems can exchange data with the building management system to know which areas of the building are occupied and which are not, resulting in unnecessary lighting or heating and air conditioning being switched off when no one is in the room.


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