CCTV in Industry: How it can Help Improve Performance and Track KPIs

Mar 31, 2021

Though it’s often only associated with security and monitoring purposes, modern CCTV usage takes a wide range of forms.

Where this feature is typically used to help business or homeowners monitor their premises while nobody is around, commercial CCTV is now being used in more proactive and creative ways, including for task improvement, round-the-clock monitoring, and tracking the progress of new initiatives or ways of working in larger-scale businesses.

This is reflective of the rapid evolution of technology – and much like its other security system counterparts, CCTV cameras are becoming more functional, useful and adaptive than ever.

Here are a few of our favourite examples of ways CCTV can be used proactively in organisations across the country, and the globe.


Monitoring off-duty racehorses

In a first for the Australian racing industry, trainer Lindsey Smith announced in 2020 that he was providing all of his owners and stewards with unprecedented, 24-hour access to CCTV vision of horses at the stables he managed.

This allowed horse racing industry owners, financial bakers and vets to keep an eye on their horses at all times of day – without needing to physically attend the stables. This seamless virtual access to the horses ensures that all relevant parties can monitor the horses from no matter where they are in the country, or the world.


Practicing and perfecting tricks

Installing CCTV cameras into a gymnastic studio is a fantastic way to allow athletes to watch their training sessions back to recognise and correct any tricks they’re working on.

This kind of constructive feedback in video format is incredibly helpful for trainees, and can also help coaches understand areas of improvement for their teams that they hadn’t spotted in real time.

This helpful feedback feature could also prove useful for other physical skills, such as dance, karate or any other type of sport or competitive training.


Tracking business initiatives and results

When it comes to larger organisations and businesses, utilising CCTV footage is a fantastic way to ensure large-scale initiatives are being correctly implemented by a range of staff members.

For example, if a business was to overhaul their health and safety practices, CCTV cameras could serve to capture footage of staff members either obeying or disobeying correct health and safety measures in the workplace.

The same idea goes for business KPIs or other measurables. CCTV is an incredibly useful way to capture data from across your premises, and is a great way to measure and understand staff uptake and sentiment about new or existing ways of working.

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