Cloud CCTV Storage is the Way of the Future

Sep 14, 2019

Cloud storage has swept across the technology scene in recent years, with just about every industry impacted in some way as we move to “the cloud”.

Home and office security are no different. CCTV cloud storage is revolutionising the industry with exciting innovations that make security systems more secure, more accessible and easier to use.

Gone are the days of accidentally erasing security footage or losing surveillance video to theft. However there is a misconception that CCTV cloud storage is only available with a brand-new security system, which is absolutely not the case.

Existing systems can be upgraded with the option of cloud-only storage or hybrid NVR storage. In this article we will demystify cloud CCTV and explore the pros and cons of cloud, on-site, and hybrid security systems.

CCTV: Cloud Storage vs On-Site Storage

The first thing you need to consider is existing infrastructure. If your home or business already has IP cameras recording to a local device, upgrading to a cloud-enabled system may be possible in a matter of minutes.

Most new security system installations in Perth use IP cameras connected directly to the cloud. Upgrading an NVR/DVR system usually involves connecting the existing on-site storage device to a cloud storage supplier, where new installations bypass the need for this hardware altogether.


 Pros:  Cons:
 Secure offsite storage eliminates theft or damage risk  May not comply with an organisation’s IT policy
 Access past footage easily from anywhere  Monthly subscription fees
 Download, clip and share footage through mobile and web apps  Can cause connection delays or interruptions if data is sent over a shared network
 Less wires in your home or business  More storage space means a higher cost
 Watch live and receive instant alerts  Cheap or shady suppliers may be susceptible to data leaks
 Minimal IT support required and no network management  
 Security updates and improvements automatically rolled out  
 Rapid scalability without new recording hardware  
 Features and functionality are always improving  


 Pros:  Cons:
 Always complies with IT policies  NVR/DVR recorders are a target for thieves to hide their tracks
 No internet connection required, only closed-circuit cabling or Wi-Fi  Limited storage capacity
 Tighter security for sensitive footage  Risk of device failure
 Does not clog up internet bandwidth  More hardware to manage, update and maintain
   No remote monitoring, access, or sharing capabilities


Cloud NVR Storage

Many Perth home and business owners are opting for a hybrid NVR cloud storage solution. NVR cloud storage is an ideal for upgrading existing CCTV systems to enjoy all the benefits of cloud connectivity, without needing to purchase a new system.

Cloud adapters provide an additional layer of security and encryption, keeping your footage safe for longer. Compatible adapters can usually be installed in just a few minutes with no network configuration required.

CCTV Cloud Storage Available from Castle Security

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