Protect Your Factory by Installing a Comprehensive Security Solution

Oct 25, 2022

Nobody can predict a robbery apart from the perpetrator.

Did you know that an attack or a robbery can be conducted outside your factory or inside, depending on who is involved? Therefore, installing a comprehensive security solution is immensely important to protect your staff and expensive inventory.

What is the value of having a comprehensive security solution?

In simple words, a complete integrated security system allows you to keep an eye on all the entry and exit points of all working areas, the entire staff activity, comings and goings and keep track of machinery workings and inventory storage spaces. In uncertain times, a full security system will keep you and your assets secure, and allow you to know if there is ever a break in or security breach.

What does a complete security package by Castle Security include?

  • 24 Hour Monitoring

    Security monitoring services allow you to have peace of mind that your business is secure 24 hours a day seven days a week. If an entry point is breached or a window is smashed, our trained staff will be alerted and follow the procedure laid out by you to make sure all necessary action is taken.

  • Access Control

    Access control allows you to protect your workplace from anyone having access to anywhere. Keep your business locked down and only allow the staff with the proper authority to be in the areas they are needed. Easily integrated with an alarm system, Access control can be a great addition to any business

  • Alarm Systems

    For a business, Security alarm systems are considered an asset. Even minor activity can be detected. Alarm systems can be as basic as a few detectors around a small factory and as complex as a fully integrated system along with access control CCTV and 24 hour monitoring.

  • Commercial CCTV

    CCTV camera systems allow you to monitor your workplace at your convenience, they help keep staff, the public and premises safe; the latest CCTV systems are reactive, flashing and alarming if certain vantage points are breached. Integrating CCTV with Access Control Systems such as Gallagher allows your business to have a fully integrated solution backed by a 24 hour monitoring station.

  • Electric Fencing

    Electric fencing is ideal for deterring possible security breaches around large areas; electric fences are perfect for a range of industries; they offer the deterrent required to prevent fences from being jumped, getting cut and tampered with and they offer a nasty surprise, along with the alarmed event being tracked back to a 24 hour control room so the event can be actioned with the authorities.

  • Security Consulting

    We offer our consulting services as a way to partner with our clients to be able to bring together all that security offers in a way that can be understood and accepted. Our aim as a Security Consulting Service is to provide you with the most cutting-edge up-to-date information available on equipment and the most suitable adhoc solutions to suit each project.

Castle Security, your Australian security partner

Nobody understands the Australian security landscape like Castle Security. The world of security is constantly changing, and each commercial premise and every home has its own unique security requirements.

We have dedicated over 30 years to the design, supply, installation and maintenance of effective security systems for commercial, government and residential properties across the State and Country. That gives you the confidence and ability to put the trust in Castle Security to provide a tailored, comprehensive security solution for your needs, using the latest and best technology.

And it’s all backed by an unwavering commitment to service that goes above and beyond. We’re here for our clients 24/7, for peace of mind and total premise protection.

We have not built our reputation by installing security systems and walking away – we become your security partner and work hard to maintain your security so you can focus on what is important to your business!

Our 24-hour monitoring services and cloud systems allow us to fulfil our commitment to our clients to help them feel & remain safe 100% of the time, knowing there is always someone ready to listen and respond to whatever the situation may be.

Think no more; it’s time to get a comprehensive, integrated security solution installed to protect what you have worked so hard for.

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