Intercoms for COVID-19 Security

It is vitally important that we stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Perth by heeding Government health advice, staying home, and staying safe.

Installing an intercom system in Perth (or upgrading an existing system) is an effective measure in the fight to ‘flatten the curve’ of infection rates. Intercom systems eliminate face-to-face interactions and respect social distancing guidelines while providing safe visitor identification and independence for at-risk individuals living alone. 

Who can benefit from an intercom system?

Anyone currently self-isolating or attending the premises of somebody self-isolating will benefit from an intercom system in Perth:

  • Apartment occupants
  • Medical facilities
  • Emergency services
  • Allied health providers
  • Elderly and at-risk individuals
  • People living in housing estates
  • Security personnel
  • Delivery couriers
  • Tradespeople
  • Takeaway restaurants
  • Private offices without reception staff
  • Essential services facilities still in operation

Perth intercom systems allow for no-touch deliveries, make visitor identification and communication easy, and remove risk for trades and services visiting the building. This is especially important in medical facilities and high-risk locations where interactions must be strictly controlled.

Household Intercom Systems in Perth

Keeping an eye on our own home or business these days is as simple as pushing a button, or a few swipes and taps on our smartphone screen. We can even answer the door without leaving our lounge chairs or that of a friends lounge chair on another continent, the times really have changed.

There are a huge variety of security systems that home and business owners can employ to keep their premises safe, but how do you know which home security solution is the best fit for your needs?

Our expert team at Castle Security share what we know about intercom systems, from what an intercom is, to what features they offer and how a system can benefit you.


household intercom system

What is an Intercom?

An intercom system is an electronic device that allows for two-way communication; this could be between a home or business owner and a visitor or client. Intercoms are popular in schools, hospitals, apartment buildings and office buildings with multiple businesses.

There are a variety of types of intercoms:

These intercoms are most commonly installed outside the building, usually at the door or outside a fence, to allow visitors or clients to communicate with a person inside. The person inside can then control whether a person can access the business or home.

Traditional intercoms are wired into the wall, often during construction or renovation, and can include a keypad to enter codes, which is handy for buildings with multiple apartments or businesses.

Wireless security systems are handy for when wires cannot be run, or for established houses, apartments and buildings. While wireless systems are restricted in how far the sender and receiver can be apart, they benefit the user as they allow for more points of contact than just outside to inside, you can have multiple points within or outside the house.

This is a popular option for many homes, as video intercoms allows homeowners to see who is visiting and enables easy two-way communication. Video intercoms are wired into your home to allow seamless transmission of images, and our more advanced systems can even store video, or zoom and pan the camera!

These household intercom systems allow for people within a home or business to communicate directly with one another, taking away the unpleasant yelling from room to room. For houses or businesses under construction or renovation, a wired system may be the best choice, while already established homes and businesses should look at wireless systems.


Benefits of Intercoms

The first benefit of intercom systems comes from the ability for the employee, homeowner, administrator or other authorized person to both speak to and potentially see the visitor without having to open any doors, providing higher security at important access points at your home or business.

For those looking to bring their home into the future, these smart home systems are a great investment.

The Intercoms of Castle Security

At Castle Security, we not only stock the latest trends and gadgets, we also make sure our staff are experts in each product – this helps you to make the best decision for your security needs.

Many of the products we current stock will connect to your mobile phone! Some of the more popular intercom systems we stock are:

  • AIPhone
  • Panasonic
  • Hikvison
  • Fermax

Discover Our Range of Intercoms Here

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Upgrading an Existing Intercom System

The current intercom systems available through Castle Security are a vast improvement on older systems, with the ability to see who is at your front door and let them in, rather than just hear their voice.

If your intercom system is starting to show its age, you can get a tech-savvy upgrade with Castle Security. Our range of intercom systems have been designed to work with existing cabling from older intercom systems, saving you money.

This means that you can upgrade to the latest and greatest intercom technology at a fraction of the cost!

What are the Benefits of Upgrading?

An upgraded home intercom system can bring your home into the 21st Century and can become an integral feature of your broader smart home system.

Video intercoms are the popular upgrade choice for homeowners who want more control over who they allow into their home, getting a visual of who is standing at their door or gate and how many people are there.

Some of the intercom systems available through Castle Security have the ability to connect to the internet, so you can even answer your door when you’re not home. This allows you to have a secure presence at home even when you are not physically available.

Castle Security are also Hikvision suppliers, which means your household intercom system can be integrated into your wider home security, allowing you to control access to your home at multiple points and view your security cameras remotely via a mobile app.

So, if a shady character arrives at your intercom, or you’ve had a parcel delivered, you can view your security cameras from afar to get a better visual on your home.

If you’re concerned about security, or looking to update your home, contact Castle Security today to discuss our security solutions for your individual needs.

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