Should You Be Performing Maintenance on Your Security Systems?

Feb 10, 2020

More than 51,000 instances of home burglary and property damage took place last year in Western Australia – that’s 1 every 10 minutes. Home security systems are one of those things you don’t think about until you really need them to work, but those stats prove you should be paying attention.

The good news is, keeping your home safe as houses isn’t hard. Installing a security alarm system is a great first step, followed up with regular maintenance and vigilance on your part.


Is your alarm making annoying beeping noises?

Regular beeping indicates your monitored security alarm system is running out of battery. You won’t hear this sound often (5-7 years) because the low-power alarms don’t chew through batteries. But when you do, here are the steps to follow:

  • If you have a monitored alarm, our control room would have been in contact to alert you of the faulty battery.
  • Narrow the beeping down (and double-check it’s not a smoke detector)
  • Check the keypad for an error message
  • Disarm and rearm system if beeping continues

If after all this you still hear a beeping, give your Perth security systems company a call to come out and assess and fix the problem.


Camera Maintenance

CCTV cameras build up dust, spider webs and watermarks over time, especially if they are installed outside in the elements. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t evolved to clean itself just yet, so you will need to periodically check your cameras and clean off any build-up.

  • Turn off the camera and remove lens cover if possible
  • Use a camera air blower to clean off any large loose particles
  • Wipe cameras with a clean, soft microfibre cloth
  • Be careful not to scratch the lens with rough material
  • Replace lens cover and re-start the system

Dirty cameras result in a fuzzy or foggy image and can trigger false motion alerts, When you’re trusting your home security system to keep an eye on things, a crystal-clear image is vital.

You can also check any camera cables to ensure the connection hasn’t come loose with movement or tampering.


Are your sensors working properly?

Door and window sensors can be knocked loose by kids, cats and curtains, or can come away from the wall due to humidity and temperature fluctuations.

  • Check door and window frames for rotting, warping or moisture
  • Inspect sensors to ensure they are firmly attached
  • Remove obstructions like curtains or fans that could be interfering with sensors

Sensors are sensitive – that means they’re functioning properly. A false alarm is annoying to all your neighbours and ongoing problems can issue with unnecessary problems. We have system’s available that allow you to receive notifications on your phone and arm and disarm your system remotely, this quickly putting a stop to any false alarms, but also giving you the ability to keep a close eye on your home!

Professional maintenance

Home security systems should be checked every 12-18 months by a Perth security systems expert. some security companies will include annual checks and maintenance as part of the deal or offer an affordable maintenance package tailored to your needs.

Here at Castle Security we offer a competitive alarm servicing and maintenance package to keep your home security the most up to date and in the best working order.

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