What is Cloud-Based Access Control?

Jun 21, 2021

Cloud-based access control enables businesses to remotely manage their access procedures, including monitoring or granting permissions for employees to access business-sensitive data, without requiring any costly on-site servers. By utilising cloud technology, businesses are able to reap the rewards of business access control from wherever they are, using an intuitive phone and web based applications.


Key features of cloud-based access control


  1. Simple addition of new users to access control groups. The beauty of cloud-based access control systems, once established, is that it’s incredibly easy to onboard new employees into the system with a few identification factors. The same rule applies for changing existing employees’ access levels and rights – once they’ve been input into the system, adjusting their privileges is simple.


  1. Easily and seamlessly integrate with other systems such as CCTV and Intruder, which you can access them all using the one piece of easy to use software.


  1. An affordable option – Save costs on maintenance charges due to secure server storage and no heavy servers on site. Technicians are able to remotely log in and diagnose the problem saving on site time and cutting down costs! This also extends to training, as these systems are designed with the end user in mind the training is simple and any help or additional training required can be done remotely again keeping costs down.


  1. Above all, the predominant advantageous feature to cloud-based access control systems is that they can be accessed, monitored and controlled remotely via easy-to-use phone or web based software. This increased accessibility extends to all businesses, and doesn’t discriminate by cost or business size.


How does cloud-based access control compare to traditional access control systems?


There are many benefits to employing a cloud-based access control system rather than a traditional, physical access control system. For one, you’ll avoid high upfront costs associated with the installation of physical servers and hardware.


Secondly, you’ll have direct access to expert maintenance advisers in case of any cloud-based bugs or errors you encounter. The beauty of the cloud is that it can be accessed from anywhere no matter where you are in the world – and the same goes for those responsible for troubleshooting or repairing cloud based errors.


A third feature of cloud based access control when compared to traditional access control systems is that you’ll be able to integrate your cloud-based access control with other building management systems that also use the cloud to function. This could include security surveillance cameras, lighting & heating/cooling systems, or other security or maintenance systems your business relies upon for day to day usage.


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