A long time ago, the use of CCTV around Perth was often the sole domain of prisons, banks and police stations.

Today, it’s an accessible commodity for every person in society: from large corporations to small enterprises, to an added layer of security around the family home that you can monitor from any location, world-wide.

It’s essentially the constant observation of an area, created by linking video camera surveillance to remote television monitors.
CCTV is now used in shopping centres, pedestrian thoroughfares, residential homes and even in cars… anywhere that requires an unflinching eye via the strategic placement of cameras.
The different types of CCTV
As CCTV installation has become more widespread, its variety of applications has grown incredibly, as has its availability.

The world is geared for instant access to video and now so is CCTV through Castle Security. Once the monitoring app is loaded onto your phone, you can check-in to your home or businesses CCTV monitoring at any time. No need to wonder what’s happening. No need to wait hours for an update. No need to even be in Perth. It’s all there now, on your phone!

The different sized recorders now available allow you to choose how many cameras would best suit your security need.

Castle Security’s Network Video Recorders (NVR) come in:

4 Channel NVR – allowing up to 4 connected cameras
8 Channel NVR – allowing up to 8 connected cameras
16 Channel NVR – allowing up to 16 connected cameras… and on it goes.

So prior to any CCTV installation, the main questions we ask are what do you want to surveil, and how can you plan for the future?
4 ways CCTV is important to your home or business

CCTV delivers greater security – like having a surveillance team constantly patrolling the perimeter of your home or business
CCTV acts as a genuine deterrent – with cameras in full view, criminals are in no doubt that they are always being watched
CCTV can be monitored 24/7 – no matter where you are thanks to a handy phone app
A recorded CCTV account of any criminal/suspicious event can be handed to authorities or used to validate and expedite an insurance claim

No matter how advanced security becomes, one thing will always remain absolute – your home is your castle. So start defending it with the people who understand how to build a fortress – Castle Security.

Our tech-sperts love to chat with like-minded people so no matter what questions you have about CCTV installation around Perth, they’re ready to design, supply and install for you when you’re ready, explaining in full detail how easily it can all connect to an app on your smart phone.

Call us today to begin your next move into quality home and business CCTV security.

Castle Security: to monitor – detect – defend.

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