Rapid Deployment Security: Securing Spaces in an Instant

Nov 19, 2019

At Castle Security we’re always on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ in security for Perth. That’s why we are excited about rapid deployment CCTV; mobile security that works on your terms, providing Perth events and businesses with protection and peace of mind.

Rapid deployment security provides an extra level of security where permanent CCTV is either impractical or unnecessary.

Mobile CCTV systems give you extra eyes in a range of scenarios. They are a cost-effective solution to deter potential mischief makers and secure your site against vandalism or theft.

Looking for a reliable security company in Perth? Read on to find out why rapid deployment CCTV from Castle Security is the answer you’ve been looking for.


What is rapid deployment security?

Rapid deployment security is a relatively recent innovation that puts state of the art CCTV surveillance in freestanding trailers and structures. The mobile units are ready to be rolled out and installed in a flash, but are sturdy and tamper-proof to withstand crowds, vandalism attempts and harsh weather.

High quality CCTV cameras are mounted to telescopic poles attached to trailers, mobile bases or semi-permanent footings. You get all the advantages of CCTV without the need for permanent infrastructure or installation works.

Simply rent the units from a Perth security company like Castle Security who will roll them out, set them up, and take them away when you’re done.

How rapid deployment is changing security in Perth

What makes rapid deployment CCTV technology so innovative is its adaptability. Whether you are indoors, outside in the sun or rain, if you have existing poles or simply a big patch of grass, you can beef up security with a mobile CCTV system.

CCTV towers can be installed in a matter of hours, bolstering security in a range of scenarios:

  • Building sites
  • Demonstrations or marches
  • Public events
  • Outdoor concerts and music festivals
  • Pop-up markets
  • Street festivals
  • Popular beaches
  • Roadworks and temporary structures
  • Common theft spots, indoors or out
  • Speeches and corporate events
  • Industrial areas
  • Parks and public spaces

The versatility of rapid deployment CCTV makes it an essential addition to any location where security is paramount.

Plus, there are a range of additional features and functions available for many models of mobile CCTV system. You can opt to include Wi-Fi hotspots, wind and weather monitoring, motion detection, remote management, sirens and strobes, LED flood lights and more.

Temporary security made easy with rapid deployment CCTV

There is basically nowhere these units can’t go; from mine sites to music festivals, rapid deployment CCTV is perfect for extra security in Perth.

To beef up security in Perth when and where you need it, consider how a CCTV system could be an ideal solution.

Along with our range of security solutions for every home and office environment, Castle Security are looking forward to soon offering rapid deployment CCTV systems.

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