The Benefits Of Upgrading To Wireless Security Systems

Sep 25, 2019

Do you and your family feel safe and protected in your home with a wired security system?

The latest wireless Smart Home Security technology allows you to untether your home from an ageing wired security system. It can make your home security more efficient and smarter.

Wireless technology lets you stay informed about important events at your home. What’s more, it is expandable and can adapt to your changing requirements.

If you are looking to upgrade your home’s security system today, here are 5 reasons to choose a wireless Smart Home Security solution.


Enhanced Security

Smart Home Security technology uses secure cellular connections to ensure fast, reliable, real-time alerts about your home and to prevent lots of the security vulnerabilities found in systems from other providers.

For instance, with wireless technology, there is no physical cable outside your house that could be potentially be cut by opportunists, rendering a conventional alarm system useless.

In addition, conventional wired home security systems are vulnerable when internet and phone services go down or there is a power outage. This latest wireless systems use a dedicated, encrypted cellular connection and have on-board batteries for backup power during an electricity outage. This means an alarm will still be signalled during an emergency.

This wireless security system can work in tandem with strategic landscaping too. According to third generation landscapers at Wayne’s Landscaping, “Helping to keep intruders out of your home with your choice in landscaping is possible. Things like enhancing sound with gravel, trimming hedges to limit hiding places and extending fences on retaining walls can enhance your home’s security.”

Furthermore, home automation features will still function, so you can turn on lights remotely to deter intruders or shut down your HVAC system during a fire to prevent smoke from being circulated throughout your entire house.


Simple Installation Process And Super-Fast Support

It is very easy to replace a traditional wired system or install a new system with wireless Smart Home Security solutions.

A vast selection of wireless sensors, security panels, and devices mean you are sure to find equipment that matches your security requirements and complements your decor. They are all super easy to install and in many cases, you can use sensors from your existing alarm system – meaning you don’t have to limit yourself to your home’s existing out-of-date system.

If you want to add new sensors, wireless technology means you won’t need to install any new cable tracks in your property.

Another key advantage of cellular connectivity is the improved ability your service provider has to offer technical support and troubleshoot any faults remotely.

In the past, every time a wired system malfunctioned, a callout from a technician was often required. Now, with wireless security solutions, technical support agents have the remote connection facilities to access your system from the company’s HQ and fix issues in real-time.

Flexibility And Versatility

Since wireless sensors are easy to relocate and install, you can use them to track a wide range of events in your home and enjoy real-time alerts when certain things happen.

For example, window sensors are small enough to install on a medicine cabinet to keep track of access to various drugs. They can also be used to alert you if a safe is opened straight away or to monitor the access gate to an outdoor pool. The sensors can be used to increase awareness of things happen inside your home, not just on around the perimeter.

For Mark Rogerson, a glasswork professional of Mark Rogerson Glass, “Window and door sensors can do more than just keep potential burglars out, it can also give you peace of mind allowing you by allowing you to keep an eye on your loved ones coming and going by sending you alerts when the doors or windows are used while you’re away from home.”

Simple To Expand And Upgrade

As your family grows and changes, the security needs of your home can also change too. Fortunately, wireless security technology is flexible, portable and expandable, so it can adapt to changing needs.

As your needs change, so can Smart Home Security. According to home design expert, Gary Hamer of Gary Hamer Interiors, “The added benefit of wireless security system means that they are resilient against damage because there aren’t any cables or wires. Meaning that they are much easier to handle if you’re planning a renovation and portable if moving house.”

With a new baby on the way, you may be looking to install a monitoring camera in the nursery – no problem. As your children become more mobile, you might want to add extra sensors to fridges, freezers, kitchen cabinets, and so on.

If you’re going away on a business trip or a long vacation, it’s easy to add a smart lock to your home so that a pet sitter can gain access at required visiting times.

No matter what sorts of things you might seek to monitor in the future, you can rest assured that your wireless Smart Home security system can be expanded when the time arrives.

A Core Foundation For A True Smart Home

Wireless security systems are built using Smart Home platforms which also support a massive range of devices that go beyond home security and make your house smarter and more energy-efficient.

This means you can install security devices as part of a wider smart home upgrade.

You can add new devices to monitor what’s happening with your home HDTV video recordings, manage electricity usage with Smart thermostats, and control who has access to your home with integrated garage door controls and automated locks.

What’s more, everything can be monitored and controlled via a single app.

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