The Importance of CCTV Protection For Your Business

Sep 5, 2019

Protecting your business is just as important as protecting your home or your family.

Do you have a comprehensive protective solution in place for your business?

A smart business owner gets on top of this requirement as soon as possible to avoid dealing with excessive damages later on.

With businesses such as convenience stores, gas stations, and even liquor stores, it’s important to stay as safe as possible. With that said, all businesses are at risk of being targeted, so no matter what industry you’re in, it pays to be prepared.

A well-protected setup can go a long way in preventing crimes from taking place. More and more business owners are starting to realise the importance of making these changes. This includes bar owners, restaurant owners, and even those running grocery stores. It’s all about keeping customers and employees safe.

With a high-grade CCTV setup for your business, it becomes easier to prevent shoplifting and other similar concerns. If those issues do pop up, a business owner can easily look through the CCTV footage and make sure everything is documented immediately. This goes a long way in preventing liability issues even when something as simple as a fall takes place. With brand-new CCTV systems, it becomes even simpler to go through new footage with nothing more than your smartphone.

Is security truly an investment you should be making as a business owner? We believe so. And here are 5 reasons why.

#1 – Stops Crimes


In the same way that employee access control limits break ins, being able to install a new surveillance system means preventing crime from taking place.

Criminals are going to see the CCTV setup and will know this is not the place to commit a crime. It is going to be in the back of their minds and that alone deters criminals from acting up. With situations involving shoplifting and/or vandalism, this is one of the best ways to stay safe as a business owner.

According to psychological expert Joanne Antoun, anyone that is entering the premises will be aware of these cameras and will know it’s not ideal for them to act up. She explains, “When people are aware they are being watched, the likelihood of committing a crime decreases. We all curate a public version of ourselves which can be used in a commercial setting to influence behaviour. Most stores have noticeable cameras laid out throughout the property and will also set up a screen in the front displaying what these cameras are seeing. As soon as a customer enters, they can notice these cameras leading to a safer environment for everyone.”

These cameras can be set up throughout the property whether it’s at the front where the cashier is standing or near the entrance. You always want to keep an eye out on customers and what they’re doing, which is what a CCTV system is all about.

#2 – Protects the Property’s Exterior


There are several “blind spots” when it comes to running a business and this is just a part of having a larger property to manage.

Most staff members aren’t going to be everywhere, which means the cameras need to do the job. The most common issue with businesses has to do with what’s going on outside. For example, the parking lot is a major concern as lots of crimes can take place in this area. Having a camera that looks out at the parking lot and front entrance can go a long way in making sure everything is as safe as necessary.

The same applies to rear entrances, which are known for criminal activity. It is important to keep those entrances locked while having a camera set up overlooking the area as best as possible. This is all about having a visual record of what is transpiring and being able to react promptly.

It also ensures employees are aware of what’s happening and what options are available to them from a security perspective.

#3 – Increased Parking Lot Safety


Businesses need to think about their customers and what’s needed to appeal to them.

This means helping customers take care of their vehicles by offering CCTV protection in the parking lot. Let’s imagine something goes awry in the parking lot, you should have a camera set up to see what has transpired. The same applies to employees that may be coming or leaving at odd hours of the day.

The CCTV system can overlook these areas at all times while providing visual feedback on what’s going on. With something as simple as this, the parking lot becomes a safer place to be for both customers and employees.

#4 – Improved Evidence for Injury Claims


Injuries happen and it’s a major concern for business owners to consider.

Many customers will blame the business and want to sue them. This means you want to be prepared for those situations as best as you can. Having CCTV footage of the incident can make sure those claims aren’t out of order and can be managed as best as needed.

The business can take out the footage, go through it, and pinpoint what was done to keep the customer safe. Having documented footage goes a long way in helping with the investigation and also puts the business in a good light. The claim adjuster will be able to go through the footage as well when made available.

This is all about presenting yourself with as much proof as possible and being able to help yourself throughout court proceedings. You don’t want to deal with a situation where it becomes their word versus yours.

According to criminal law experts, an additional tip to keep in mind is to save the footage. They explain, “you don’t want to ignore certain footage because it may end up coming back to haunt you later on. Make sure you have the footage in your records even as time goes on. You never know when a claim is made and someone tries to take advantage of your business.”

#5 – Reduced Insurance Premiums


Certain insurance benefits have to be taken into account when it comes to running a brand-new CCTV system.

You want to make sure the insurance premiums are kept as low as possible because this is an expense that adds up over time. You want to make sure the insurance provider understands how the business is protected and one of the best ways to do this is with the help of a surveillance system. They will know the CCTV system is in place and can be used to provide comprehensive protection.

According to the financial experts at Robinson Accounting, this is all about creating a well-rounded approach to safety. They explain, “signing up for a new policy while decreasing the chances of doing damage to your business can lead to financial savings. This is because insurance providers will always offer better deals to those willing to protect themselves from apparent risks.” 

With the inclusion of a top-tier CCTV system, you can showcase improved efficiency, profitability, and quality as a business. This is what video surveillance is all about as it’s a step in the right direction while keeping the stress away.

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