Crime Prevention Tips for Temporarily Closed Perth Businesses

Apr 20, 2020

When you lock up your business for the night, you know the security routine. Switch on the alarm, double-check nothing valuable is left out, make sure the CCTV camera system is working and lock the door behind you.

But as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced some businesses to shut up shop temporarily, are you doing enough to keep burglars at bay? And what about graffiti, property damage and weather damage?

A professionally installed business security system will mean you are protected by security footage and an alarm system if the unthinkable happens. There’s more you can do though.

Take a look at our crime prevention tips for closed businesses and give us a call if you’re concerned about security standards at your location.

Business security systems, CCTV cameras are a good start…

However, with enough time to case your property, thieves may still try to break in. So, our top tip? Don’t leave anything valuable on the premises to tempt them!


  • Keep all entrances and exits well-lit with security lighting
  • Light the interior so CCTV camera systems have a clearer picture
  • Consider using timed lighting to conserve energy

CCTV camera system

Alarm monitoring

Signage and visual deterrents

  • Remove valuable items from view – especially display windows
  • Remove cash and leave the till open with the cash tray clearly visible
  • Place signs in clear view showing the premises are protected by a security company

Physical security

  • Ensure all doors and windows are properly locked
  • Check for weak points, cracks, weak hinges around doors and windows
  • Install door and window sensors

Response protocols

  • Consider 24/7 security monitoring for a professional on-site response if the alarm is triggered
  • Update emergency contact list for alarm monitoring
  • Consult a security company for best practice response protocols


Why a business security system does 90% of the work

Thieves are mostly opportunistic and sneaky. They might case (survey) a business for days or weeks before breaking in, but they won’t risk police attention if they don’t have a reason to.

A visible business security system, including CCTV camera system and signage warning the premises is protected by Castle Security, will send thieves a clear message. Of course, if they do decide to break in, 24/7 alarm monitoring provides the ultimate peace of mind.

When we receive an alarm notification, we can simultaneously send out licenced personnel to investigate, contact you for further instruction, and – if established – access live security footage to check the situation.

Businesses closed due to COVID-19 fears are already in a tough position. You can’t afford the financial losses of a break-in or damage to the property.

As businesses begin to re-open it is also important to ensure your security systems are maintained and working as expected. Castle Security offers maintenance checks and system recommendations to keep you up to date with the security industry’s latest and greatest.

Castle Security is here to protect you. With more than 30 years of experience designing and installing business security systems, CCTV cameras, alarm systems and much more, we offer peace of mind and total premises protection designed to suit your budget. Call us today to arrange a consultation.

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