Now is the Time to Focus on Home & Business Security

Apr 17, 2020

As Perth continues to ramp up efforts to slow the spread of Coronavirus, thousands of people will transition to working from home where possible. While this change might cause disruption for many businesses, it’s also an opportunity to take care of a few forgotten tasks like reviewing security measures.

Have you been meaning to review your CCTV cameras, or make a much-needed business security system upgrade?

And don’t forget about home security systems, medical security and guard monitoring. Why not review all your security at the same time to make sure you’re getting the best prices and best service from the best Perth security company?

Monitoring Costs

Alarm monitoring provides peace of mind, rapid guard response and premises protection. Monitoring is a vital layer of protection on business security systems – but it shouldn’t mean excessive costs.

24/7 Security System Costs

Are you paying too much for mediocre monitoring? It’s one of those phone calls you put off, or maybe you don’t realise there is a more cost-effective solution available.

Castle Security operate a Grade A1 monitoring station here in Perth with highly trained staff ready to respond in an instant.

We guarantee to beat your current rate on home or business security system monitoring and provide a service that puts you in control, with peace of mind that we’re keeping a close eye on things.

Guard Callout Costs

CCTV system monitoring (Video Verification) from Castle Security can also save thousands of dollars in personnel callout fees. By keying in to your existing CCTV system (if compatible) or installing a new high-quality system, we can monitor the cameras when an alarm is triggered. And so can you – Using our T4000 Alarm Communication device you can arm and disarm the alarm from anywhere, and receive instant alerts directly to your smart device.

In the event of an intruder or security risks our guards are on-site in no time. If there is no risk to your premises, then we can take action from the monitoring station and you aren’t hit with the fees.

Security System Updates

With your premises now empty, it’s important your business security system is reliable. And the same goes for home security systems – an adjusted schedule won’t always be enough to deter home invaders.

CCTV Camera System

Camera technology has improved leaps and bounds in the last few years. If your aging CCTV cameras aren’t giving a clear picture of security at home or work, it’s time to talk to a Perth security company with wholesale buying power and the latest camera technology:

  • High definition cameras
  • Wireless CCTV systems
  • Cloud, on-site and hybrid storage
  • Remote CCTV monitoring service (Video Verification)
  • Fully qualified, police licenced installers

We can upgrade many existing systems or design a new CCTV system to suit your needs and budget.

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Remote Alarm System

Take control of your security system, with support from our monitoring station. Remote alarm monitoring for your business or home security system gives you access any time, from anywhere, and the ability to communicate with our team quickly.

Check out the T4000 Alarm Communicator which we have begun rolling out across Perth homes and businesses.

Medical Security

We are all responsible for protecting those most at risk from the Coronavirus outbreak. Medical security devices help provide that protection, while keeping your loved ones safely at a distance.

We have a range of medical products, but one of the easiest and quickest to setup is the industry leading PLink, providing the elderly, Ill, lone and at-risk workers with a direct link to our monitoring station for instance help. Protect your loved ones and your workers with an easy to use app which sends reminders for automatic check ins, geo fencing and many more features.

For more information on security system upgrades at home or work, contact the Perth security company trusted to provide peace of mind and affordable Grade A1 service, Castle Security.

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